Finally, a dream come true to a lot of people! SHAQ SHUQ, the first Israeli &Kosher restaurant, has been inaugurated in Barcelona!

We come from an Israeli lineage with more than 20 years of experience in restoration.


The property decided to open the restaurant to serve both the Israeli touristthat come each year in Barcelona, ​​as well as the residents of our city. We mix the maximum quality food with the authentic Israeli flavor, being the only 100% Kosher restaurant that applies all the standards together.


Our restaurant is wide, clean, and cozy, surrounded with music which transforms the atmosphere into a pleasant environment, designed to provide all the comfort of our customers and give the best welcome to the holidays in Barcelona without forgetting to eat with quality away from home.


Our menu is prepared by an Israeli chef, which always keeps in innovating the presentations and combinations of its dishes, adapting the menu not only to traditional food but also to avant-garde cuisine since Barcelona is a city of haute cuisine and demanding palates.


Our restaurant has a wide offer for our vegetarian clients and even vegan options, as well as different types of meat and fish, offering always healthy and balanced food as well as a great quality at a reasonable price.

The Israeli kitchen (in Hebrew המטבח הישראלי ha-mitbach-ha yisra’eli) consists of local dishes of the native people of Israel and dishes brought to Israel from the neighbor countries.